Unnapur GmbH

High-quality moulding parts of polyurethane

UNNAPUR GmbH has manufactured high-quality technical parts of polyurethane (PUR) for more than 40 years. As specialist with many years of experience in this field we develop, produce and refine individual parts, components or units in high quality and exactly tailored to the customer’s needs.

Moulded parts of UNNAPUR fulfil the highest demands in technology, in mechanical robustness, optics and feel and are refined in elaborate handwork.

Our team

Getting better together

Today, UNNAPUR is a team of 80 people who shape the production and the management of the company in shared responsibility. We use different qualifications and skills (process mechanics, joiners, industrial painters or commercial staff) to improve solutions and products for our customers. And we are committed to fulfilling this target. 

Environmental protection

The certification according to ISO 14001:2015 documents that UNNAPUR has geared all environmental processes towards sustainability. The certificate which is internationally valid and recognised ensures continuous improvements in environmental management. Furthermore, the company strives to work energy efficient and trains its employees in respect of the handling of hazardous substances on a continuous basis.