Moulded parts

Medical technology

Medical devices and apparatus with high demands on material and surfaces

Medical technology asks for high demands on PUR as a construction material. UNNAPUR manufactures individually moulded parts for valuable or sensitive medical device housings, partly with undercuts for technical reasons. We meet the high requirements of product and surface properties, material qualities and post-processing.

Check-out systems

Check-out systems and cash machines (ATMs) with coatings and adhesive labelling

Polyurethane offers extraordinary material properties especially for check-out systems: UV-stability through coating, noise inhibition and energy absorption. Polyurethane products do not contain plasticisers and are therefore environmentally neutral.

Plant engineering

The perfect material for plant engineering

Technical parts, components or entire units (e.g. for pumps, dispensers, monitor or display housings) of PUR are used in plant engineering. Based on their resistance to temperature and chemicals, permanent elasticity and anti-static properties innumerable shapes may be realised for a high number of applications.

Other industries

Diverse use in other industries

The diversity of polyurethane (PUR) with regard to designing and shaping proves its major strength in industrial applications.

Desired properties for construction parts can be realised purposefully based on exactly applied system components: the high mechanical abrasion resistance, the high pressure resistance, the tear strength and the good thermal condition are only some examples. These factors make PUR moulded parts especially valuable for the application in many industrial sectors.