Housing components

Housing components made of PUR (polyurethane) at reasonable prices

In high-tech sectors such as medical technology or check-out systems complex housing components are required. These housings have to fulfil high demands with regard to functionality, design, stability and resistance. The housing components often serve the purpose of protecting a high-tech or valuable internal technology. Therefore it is important that thin-walled parts possess a high stability and also have a high-quality surface.

This is the reason why polyurethane is frequently chosen during the selection of suitable construction materials, as the manufacture of complex components of polyurethane in small and medium-sized quantities is especially cost-effective. Sockets, threads and sheet metal parts or any other parts may be moulded in already during the moulding process or be connected with the moulded part later.

The ergonomic design is an essential factor for many housing constructions. Here, polyurethane allows for a maximum of design freedom with regard to moulding.

Also, an additional cost advantage can be generated with polyurethane compared to other thermoplastic materials. As PUR components require only a markedly lower internal mould pressure, you can use cost-effective aluminium tools. Due to the construction which is compatible with the material and the process small and medium-sized quantities may be produced in an economically efficient and quick manner guaranteeing for a good surface quality of the parts at the same time.

In addition to the refining of the moulded parts through deburring, polishing and coating it is possible to tailor entire units from several parts and to reduce the final installation effort at the customer’s.